The Strawberries Health Benefits You Must Know

The Strawberries Health Benefits You Must Know

Do you wish to know all about strawberries health benefits?

The small red majestic fruit, strawberries have the power to make anyone fall in love with them with the very first taste. Strawberry was considered a luxury item in the past entitled for royals only with tons of health benefits not to miss.The heart-shaped fruit is not only delicious but is also rich in nutrients.

Some of the undisputed strawberries benefits and side effects are discussed below:

Dating a new man is like holding a strawberry milkshake; first the taste, then the pleasure.

Marilyn Monroe

Immunity Booster

One of the excellent sources for attaining your required level of vitamin C is strawberries. As the human body cannot make its own Vitamin, therefore, it is essential to fulfill the body’s requirements from food.

Vitamin C boosts the immunity system and also acts as an excellent antioxidant. A single serving of strawberry contains 51.5mg of Vitamin C, double the serving, and your requirement of the day can be achieved fully.

Further organic healthinizers that will boost your immunity, are:

Healthy Skin – Strawberries Health Benefit

The strawberries benefits for skin are somewhat mind-blowing. This little gem contains several beneficial acids such as alpha-hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and ellagic acid. These acids have the power to do wonders for your skin, such as:

  • Eliminating dead skin cells and cleansing the skin.
  • Reversing the signs of aging.
  • Curing hyperpigmentation and reducing the dark spots.
  • Improves complexion and give glowing, healthy skin.

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No More Hair Fall

The strawberries benefits for hair are also incredible. The large quantity of Vitamin C in them increases iron absorption, which improves hair growth. The silica in the fruit also aids in hair growth and can save you from going bald before time. The acids in the fruit moisturize the hair hence reducing dandruff and hair falls.

Method: apply 5-6 strawberries with 1 spoon of yogurt and then shampoo them. This will work as a great conditioner for you.

Weight-loss – Strawberries Health Benefit

Shedding the excess fat is never easy, but the strawberries benefit for weight loss might help you in the process. The production of fat-burning hormones; adiponectin, and leptin, can be improved by adding strawberries to your diet. They work by decreasing the appetite, blood sugar, and body fat. This will ease your weight loss journey deliciously.

Strawberries Nutrition facts

Strawberries are a small packet of sweetness enriched with precious vitamins and minerals that can benefit your inner and outer both magnificently. The 3.5 ounces of strawberries consist of:

  • Low-calorie food, I.e., 32, with less sodium, less fat (0.3%), and less cholesterol.
  • Their composition mainly consists of 91% water and 7.7% carbohydrates.
  • Sugar 4.9grams, fiber 2grams, and protein 0.7grams.

Consuming 8 strawberries can provide you with more vitamin C than oranges.

Strawberries Side Effects

The strawberries health benefits are immense but looking at the other side of the picture; you might experience some mild side effects as well. Some allergies observed in young children include Itching in the mouth, headaches, swelling of lips, face, and tongue in some cases.

The overall benefits of strawberries are far better than their side effects, making strawberries a great addition to your diet. All you have to do is eat the right amount, following the strawberries health recommendations.

Enjoy the health benefits of eating strawberries every day!

Organic Healthinizer Team
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